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Milad International Transport & Shipping Co. Ltd., managed by well versed shipping professionals duly organized and familiar with procedures in IRAN, is in a position to provide comprehensive services to shipping and related industries through its own branches at all Iranian ports and onshore/offshore terminals.

Milad Group consistently follows to reach and broaden overseas and market prospects by sea ways. It is evident that maritime transportations are complicated and time consuming and such activities are handled with high discipline and carefully scheduled efforts at our organization.

It is noteworthy that priority, in this respect, is mainly focused on chartering procedures in order to meet overseas requirements of Milad Group.

Milad Intl. Transport Co. Ltd. through its logistics department, facilitates and expedites land transportation in favor of Milad Energy Aria Co. by providing sole in-house services. In other words, Milad Holding provides services based on all the requirements to be ordered by clients as a one-stop-shop in the field of products trading.

Full ownership of more than 150 LPG tankers and about 300 fuel tankers besides management of another 500 units (to be booked upon clients requirements), can also be mentioned among our main fleet activities, leading to Milad Group’s highlighted achievements during all phases of operations.