Milad Group is a regional class corporation committed to supply, import, export and transport oil & gas products by land & sea. The Group is headquartered in Tehran, Iran and has been operative since 1992.


Milad Group has a successful record for timely work completion, quality service provision with highest standards in trading and transportation of oil and gas products, shipping and land transportation services along with customs clearance and all the relevant affairs. The Group’s performance is guaranteed thanks to successful experience and professionalism in this field over two decades.

A wide range of our business counterparts from domestic and regional to international oil and gas companies, involved in imports and exports of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Gas Oil, Gasoline, Naphtha, etc. as well as other feedstock during a long period of time can be considered as an evidence for this assertion.

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Milad Energy Aria Co. Ltd., registered in Tehran-Iran, is one of the diligent players in trade of oil and gas products with effective and high potential connections in related fields as the clients core requirements, supply and demand system are comprehensively known to us.

Mutual business relations with NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company) as a major client, supplier and beneficiary in most of related projects along with its subsidiaries (NIOPDC, NIGC, Refineries and Petrochemical bodies, such as Imam Khomeini Shazand, Abadan, Isfahan, etc.) has resulted in a close and efficient connection in this case.

All the above mentioned points next to elimination of dealers/brokers by supplying of a full portfolio of oil & gas products directly from main producers, lead to quoting the most competitive prices. Eventually, our policy is to make permanent business partners right after their first order is secured

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Janat Al Milad Co. Ltd., another subsidiary of Milad Energy Aria Co. and an exclusively registered foreign-owned enterprise in Petroleum Ministry of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG-Iraq), is capable of holding direct transactions with government and participate in relevant tenders, for instance, imported products such as Gasoline from Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and other CIS countries to KRG and products for exports e.g. Naphtha, LPG, Gasoil from KRG to Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.

In addition, Janat Al Milad Co. Ltd. is in possession of more than 50 Trucks and a LPG Storage Plant with an overall capacity of 600 metric tons with facilities of loading and discharge in about 2000 square meters as an operational area.

Needless to mention that such capabilities are to present top-notch services in favour of our clients.

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Black Pearl Co. GmbH, registered in Hamburg-Germany, is a subsidiary of Milad Energy Aria Co. which is geared to facilitate products trading for European markets.

Moreover, presence in Germany as a major global industrial center, enhances possibility of supplying components, equipment, and technical services pursuant to Iranian and other Middle Eastern or end users’ enquiries coming through refineries, petrochemicals and other affiliated industries.